World War 1 Causes Countries and Facts

World War 1 Causes  Countries and Facts

First world war is also called as The Great War. This war is knows as Great war because when this war happened no big war had happens before this war in the world. In this war almost all of the countries are evolved. Through this war millions of people were died and millions of things were damaged, also Learn world war 1 dates,

World War 1 Fought Between which Countries

The first world war was started at 28 july 1914 and ended at 11 November 1918. In this war there were over 17 million were deaths and 20 million were wound. This war had happened in between two groups one is Allied powers and other is Central powers. The member of the allied powers were Russia , France , Britain , Japan , U.S.A . And the members of Central powers were Germany , Austria- Hungary , Ottoman Empire.

World War 1 Causes , Countries and Facts


To maintain their powers different different countries secretly joined their hands with each other without informing other countries.

Some important Alliances are:

Triple Alliances : these were happened in the countries between Germany , Italy , and Austria-Hungary in 1882. According to this if any country attack to the any of these country than they will together they will fight against that country.

Triple Entente : these were happened in the countries between France , Britain and Russia in 1907.

world war 1 causes

World War 1 Causes Countries and Facts

Alliances : This is also a reason for the world war as many different different countries are joined together .
Militarism : this is a reason for world war as each countries want to prove their more powers . they are making new weapon , new tanks, machining guns and big and more powerful army . In all of these Britain and Germany were forward .

Imperialism : In simple word it means ,at that time west Europe wants to rule over the other countries , to improve their man power, army and all resources. Britain is more forward in this and he also get controlled over the India at that time. At that time Britain ruled over the 25% at all the world.

Death Of Archduke Franze Ferdinand

World War 1 Causes

At 28 june 1914 Archduke Franze Ferdinand died ,he was only the prince of Austria – Hungary , later he will become the king of Austria – Hungary. Once upon a time he was going on tour at Sarajevo .

At Sarajevo he was attacked by a group Balkans , and one of the member of that group killed him . this is also one of the reason for the world war.

After the death of prince Archduke Franze Ferdinand people get angry on Serbia. And decide to attack on them . Then Austria-Hungary and Germany announced to attack the Serbia, and after that Russia also announced to attack Germany, after some days France also announced to attack Germany ,as because Russia and France also has bond which is known as Triple Entente. After july crisis 1914, The war has started in August 1914 between France and Germany but Germany failed to defeat France , and on the other side he defeated Russia by killing 3,00,000 army.

Battle of Somme :

From 1 july to 18 November 1916 . In this battle about 80,000 man wore died in one day more were from Britain .
In April 1917 America inter in war. Because at the begning Germany attack only on the allied ship but after some time they started attack on the passenger ship, and in one ship about 1200 passenger were died which are from

America .

End of World War 1:

Now U.S.A sending his 10000 army daily to Britain against Germany. And on the other side there is a revolution in Russia in February 1917 and a Government made. After that another revolution happened in October 1917, in which leader Vladimir Lenin when he comes in a power he stops the war from their side. At the central power were defeated by the allied powers in 11 November at 11 am .

World War 1 Causes – Countries and Facts

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