Successors of Mughal Study Material in PDF

Successors of Mughal

Successors of Mughal include all the important Mughal rulers who ruled the India like Auranzeb, Jahander Shah Akbar, shah Jahan, Rafi-ud-Darajat, Muhammad Shah, Alamgir. Medieval Indian History

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India’s most important competitive exams like UPSC, IAS, RAILWAY, SSC and many more competitive exams have a syllabus regarding the History and we are providing all the important topics of the Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian History in PDH format which is easily downloadable. We also provide important objective questions for all History topics given below. Also learn about Modern Indian History. 

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The Mughal Empire Akbar of Medieval Indian History

The Mughal Empire Shah Jahan of Medieval Indian History

Mughal King Shah Jahan

The Mughal Empire- Mughal King Shah Jahan of Medieval Indian History, Shah Jahan was proclaimed emperor at Agra on February 4, 1628, and assumed the title of Abul-Muzaffar Shihabu’d-din Muhanmad Salib Qiran Sani. He was keen to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious grandlather, but had nothing of Akbar’s talents and broad outlook The general political situation on the eve of Shah Jahan’s accession was fairly satisfactory.

Mughal King Akbar

The Mughal Empire – Mughal King Akbar of Medieval Indian History. At the time of Humayun’s death, his son, Akbar was at Kalanaur in the Punjab, campaigning against Sikandar Sur. The young heir-apparent was proclaimed emperor at Delhi and Kalanaur on February 14, 1556 under the title of Jalal ud-din Muhammad Akbar.

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