Karkota Dynasty (252-852 CE)

Karkota Dynasty (252-852 CE) कर्कोटा राजवंश

Karkota Dynasty : It was established by Durlabha Vardhana in 252 CE. He was a Kayastha, dwij Kshatriya ( Brahman as well as Kashatriya).

The Rulers of Karkota Dynasty:

The founder of Karkota Dynasty was Durlabha Vardhana , he was the son of Baladitya. And the empire was continued by the several kings, Durlabhaka or Pratipaditya in (288-338 CE), Chandrapeeda or Varnaditya in (338-397 CE).

Tarapida or udayaditya in (397-431 CE), Lalitaditya or Mukatapida in (431- 467 CE) he was a poet .This Lalitaditya built the famous Martanda sun temple in Kashmir.

The sixth ruler was Kuvalayaditya in (467-468 CE) varjraditya in (468-525 CE), Prithivyapida in (525 – 569 CE), Sangramapida he ruled only for 7 days.

Karkota Dynasty

Jayapida he was a pandit and poet in (569-620 CE), and the last ruler of Karkota dynasty was Ajitapida .

Karkota dynasty was succeeded by Utpala dynasty. Its  lost its glory in 852 CE.  And It was re-established by Maharaja Darsal Laal during the rulling period of Aurangzeb.

There are seven rulers in Gaya after Maharaja Darsal Laal. Now there accentor live in Gaya District of Bihar And has the total 24 rulers acent the throne .

This dynasty was divided into two parts :

Karkota Empire of Kashmir which was established by the king Duralabha Vardhana.

Karkota Empire of budhol which was re-established by the king Darsal Laal.

Karkota Dynasty (252-852 CE)

Lalitaditya Muktapida was the most powerful ruler of the karkota dynasty of Kashmir region in the Indian subcontinent . Kuvalayapida was the successor of Lalitapida.

The 12 century chronicler Kalhana characterizes Lalitaditya as a world conqueror crediting him with extensive conquests and miraculous powers in his Rajatarangini.

According to Kalhana , Lalitaditya defeated the central Indian king Yashovarman , and then marched to eastern and southern parts of India.

He subjugated several several more rulers on his way back to kashmir , and then subdued several northern kings. Kalhana describe Lalitadiyta was a universal monarch, who spent most of his life in military expeditions. He was also known as the Alexander of the India.

Jaipida he was the second most powerful ruler of karkota dynasty . he was a poet . He was the grandson of muktipida . He was the only capable ruler after Muktipida.

During last 50 years, there was not stable ruler in Kashmir. That’s why after fall of this dynasty , Kashmir came under the rule of the Utpala dynsty.

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