History of the Punjab Study Material in PDF

History of the Punjab

History of Punjab is unique in history because during the last guru Govind Singh Singh organized a fighting group to fight against the Mughals, they overran the entire territory between Lahore and Delhi.

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India’s most important competitive exams like UPSC, IAS, RAILWAY, SSC and many more competitive exams have a syllabus regarding the History and we are providing all the important topics of the Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian History in PDH format which is easily downloadable. We also provide important objective questions for all History topics given below.

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First Phase of Mughal Empire

The First Phase of Mughal Empire The descent of Khidr Khan from the family of the Prophet is doubtful; it is, however, certain that his ancestors hailed from Arabia. Khidr Khan and three successors ruled for thirty-seven years. The last Sultan of the dynasty Alam Shah abdicated his throne in favour of Bahlul Lodi-a powerful Afghan noble. The Sultanate of Delhi thus passed peacefully into the Afghan hands.

Delhi Sultanate

The Delhi Sultanate is the Important topic of Indian History, Which include the Major Rulers Mughal Empior Kings Like The Akbar, Shahjahan, Aorangzaib and Jahangir.

The First Phase of Mughal Empire Medieval India History

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