Medieval Indian History

Medieval Indian History inform us about Between of History of Ancient and Modern

Lucknow Pact in PDF -लखनऊ संधि

Lucknow Pact Lucknow pact is considered as a significant event in the political constitutional history of India. It is regarded a high water marked of Hindu Muslim unity. For More Information about Lucknow Pact Download PDF. This Topic Study Martial given full detailed in PDF. It will prove helpful for all exams class …

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Indica Megasthenes – Video Lecture

Indica Megasthenes Indica Megasthenes is one of the important topics in the Indian History,  Indica Megasthanese Of Medieval Indian History Detailed history. Megasthanese was the ambassador of the Greck ruler Scleccus Niketor in the court of Chandra Gupta Maurya He stayed in India for 6 years.   • His Indica is …

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Mughal Empire Aurangzeb Biography

Mughal Empire Aurangzeb Aurangzeb History: Mughal Empire Aurangzeb Biography is Aurangzeb Born on October 24, 1618 at Dohad in Gujarat, Aurangzeb was in the full maturity of his manhood when, after a bloody war of succession, he proclaimed himself sovereign at Delhi. Subtle and intelligent, brave and thoughtful, he had …

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Kanishka The Kushan Dynasty (30- 375 AD)

Kushan Dynasty Kushan Dynasty: The Kushanas were a nomadic tribes descended from Yuchi  which had migrated to India from central Asia. The dynasty was founded by Kujula Kadphises. He united the Yuchi tribe under one leadership. Also Read Also Read About Kushan Dynasty History Founder, Achievements. Kushan Dynasty History The …

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Karkota Dynasty (252-852 CE)

Karkota Dynasty (252-852 CE) कर्कोटा राजवंश Karkota Dynasty : It was established by Durlabha Vardhana in 252 CE. He was a Kayastha, dwij Kshatriya ( Brahman as well as Kashatriya). The Rulers of Karkota Dynasty: The founder of Karkota Dynasty was Durlabha Vardhana , he was the son of Baladitya. …

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Prithvi Raj Chauhan Story

Prithvi Raj Chauhan Story Prithvi Raj Chauhan Story: The story of Prithvi Raj Chauhan:  Raj was born at 1149 at Ajmer hiis father name was Someshvara Chauhan his mother name was Karpuri Devi. Prithvi Raj Chauhan younger brother name was Hariraj and his younger sister name was Pritha. Prithvi Raj …

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Afghans in India History

Afghans in India History In 1227, after the death of Genghis Khan, his vast empire fell into pieces. In Afghanistan some local chiefs succeeded in establishing independent principalities and others acknowledged Mongol princes as suzerains. This state of affairs continued until the end of the 14 century, when Timur (Tamurlane) …

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